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I would like take this opportunity to tell you about my brother Tweet. The first time the founders met Tweet it was for him to interview us about joining our club. I will never forget Tweet who was not a member who insisted on telling us how we should run the club and clearly he did not agree with what we had set in place. Now if you know Tweet then you know he is a little : ) argumentative or likes to debate so this conversation about him joining this club went on until finally we told him that he could join another club. I didn't know at the time but Tweet did this challenging debate thing to test your heart and your mind to see where you were in life and if you were weak...  Now after all of that he joined our club, we saw that Tweet could be an outstanding leader and asked him if ever would he be interested in holding a board position at which point he said no and that he never will oh well he was a VP.  Tweet was the oldest charter member in I-20 he also had the most years on his bike, he always use to brag that he had never been down in all of his years of riding... Well one day we were out in Dallas at Bone Daddy's and we left to get on the freeway I had to stop because a car was coming Tweet was not paying attention and by the time he did it was either hit me or go down... Well he went down,,,,, now I was scared the old dude was hurt and I asked him if he was ok he said yes then the laughs came out saying I made him fall.... There are two types of riders, the one that have fallen and the ones soon to fall.... we always laughed about this story.. Tweet went down a few more times after that..... but always got back up.

We did many road trips with Tweet mostly to Myrtle Beach because it was easy for him to plan with his job. When you ride in a Van for 20 + hours straight you get to know people and if you do it almost yearly you become really close. Tweet would do all the shopping and all the cooking each trip but a few trips in he gave orders for each of us to cook on an assigned days... Yes Tweet told everybody what to do all the time and yes Tweet was grumpy and augmentative but if you knew him he was a big Teddy Bear, the nicest, most loving guy you could ever meet.. When you respect a man like we did Tweet we just did what he said, don't get me wrong Tweet was never disrespectful everything he told us was because it would improve us or simply cause he loved us.. Each trip we did we got better and better not to mention we got closer and closer. His favorite story to tell was when it was Tones turn to drive on our way to Myrtle Beach and he only drove for 10 mins. So when we woke up, we went nowhere. I am sure everyone in I-20 has heard this story several times, which got funnier and funnier each time he told it. 

Tweet and I became pretty close, so close we talked about about a lot of things such as health, death, family and the list goes on. Now the funny thing about Tweet was that he loved to tell you how to handle a situation but he wasn't so eager to take your advice, even if it was right without a long debate after which he always say... "yeah yeah your right". It was amazing getting to know him and all that he had been through in his life. Things that were starting to happen to me, he had already been through and he shared some good advice that saved me from doing some stupid stuff. Tweet was just 2 years older then me but had a ton more wisdom than I had and boy did I need that. Tweet was the one person that I knew would tell me if I was wrong or right without sugar coating it and the only person who would call me and say "dude you can't do that... FAIR IS FAIR, RIGHT IS RIGHT and Wrong is Wrong". 

I could go on and on about my boy,... I remember we went to Dallas and a Corvette pulled up next to us saying lets race. Traffic was bad,... all I can say it looked like a scene out of the Matrix's. The guy in the Vet was bowing down when it was all said and done,... literally he took his hand off the wheel and did the bowing motion to Tweet . Tweet had no fear, not on a motorcycle nor in life. We talked about life and death a lot after Nico and Apple died. I was close enough for him to tell me he was sick and what the doctors said he should be doing... Now I was on him about taking care of himself but Tweet would always say I am going to live life the way I want to and that we all have to die one day. As much as this hurt to hear him say this, I respected him more.  I would ask him from time to time but he would shut it down quick. He told me he didn't want anyone worrying about him and he didn't want to be treated any differently.  I truly understood what he meant when my mother was told she had a few months to live and I moved my mother to my house where she was so unhappy. I talked to my wife and Tweet about this they both told me to take my mom to her home where she would be happy in her last days. I thought I was doing the right thing by trying to keep a constant watch over her.  Well, I took my mom home and she was soooooo happy she had some pep in her step because she was doing it the way she wanted. Thanks Tweet,... after that I understood and I said nothing else about how you wanted to live your life. 

There was not one conversation over the years that I had with Tweet that he didn't mention his family, and that family included BG before he even became an I-20 Rider. Honestly you would have thought BG and Tweet were brothers if you didn't know them. The other guys he cut for big time were JC, O, Tone, Big Mike and myself and of this last year Point V and the ladies of course they had a special bond Sweet P, AM, and Lady J. Tweet was a friend with benefits,... lol,... I know what your thinking but I mean a true friend with benefits. If you were allowed to be in Tweet's inner or outer circle then you were the recipient of some great benefits.  The benefit of unconditional  love, loyalty, wisdom, knowledge, realness and most of all a laugh and a smile which I really miss right about now. It was apparent that God needed you more then we did Tweet and who can argue with God.  Thank you for your service as VP and a Charter member of the I-20 Riders. God, we ask that you bless his family and the I-20 Riders MC in this time of need..... BIG.

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